Postal Service Needed

Solicitation Number: 150-63-16
Posted Date: Jan 19, 2016
Point of Contact: Benita Townsend
Phone: 301-386-8966
This Highway Contract Route (HCR) Solicitation is for the following type of HCR service:
Contract Delivery Service (CDS) Box Delivery

All forms must be downloaded and printed from the attachments to this solicitation. Your completed proposal submission package must be received at the Eastern Transportation Category Management Team (CMT) office by the response deadline listed below by 3:00pm Eastern Time.

Termini: Irvine, KY – Crystal, KY

Issue Date of Solicitation – 01/19/2016

Response Deadline/Closing Date of Solicitation – 02/01/2016

Begin Contract Term Date – 02/27/2016

End Contract Term Date – 03/31/2022
Provide a photocopy of your tax ID number (Social Security Card or Employer Identification Number). **REQUIRED**

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