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Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Robot (APPR)

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Specifications List for Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Robot (APPR)   Description:  A system that generates a plasma jet at approximately atmospheric pressure (or greater).   The system shall include a Cartesian robot (three dimensional) that allows dispensation of the plasma on  a surface (2D or 3D). The Cartesian robot shall accommodate components of at least 12’’ x 12’’ x 4’’ in  length x width x height. The robot must interface with a computer (can be supplied by APPR vendor or  other source) to program the path and speed of plasma dispensing.  The power, gas flow rate, frequency  of electrical arc, and type of gas used shall be adjustable.   Detailed Specifications of APPR system:   Plasma Power: 700 to 1100 W o Frequency Range: 200 kHz to 80 kHz  Compatible carrier gases: Air, Nitrogen  Flow rates: 30 to 70 l/min (Typical value is 40 l/min)  Gas pressure 2.5 to 6 bars  Plasma jet effective processing area: 5 to 20 mm  Maximum temperature of plasma: 200 °C  Optional capabilities: o Carrier gas can be doped with two other gases (i.e. oxygen, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, etc.) o One dopant gas line supplied with system o 2nd dopant gas line can be added
 Cartesian Robot o 3 axis: length > 300 mm, width > 300 mm, height = 100 mm o Speed up to 300 mm/s o Position repeatability: <1 mm o Programmable software for motion control  Programmed with touchscreen interface with optional mouse/monitor interface o Stores multiple programs o System includes a frame and protective enclosure around robot system.
 Spare parts to be included with system: ceramic insulators and electrodes  Power requirements for both robot and plasma generator (APPR system): 110 to 220 VAC, 5060Hz

Contracting Office Address:
NASA/Langley Research Center, Mail Stop 144
Industry Assistance Office
Hampton, Virginia 23681-0001
Primary Point of Contact.:
Morgan Slater
Phone: 7578642498
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Posted Date: Mar 02, 2016
Point of Contact: DONALD SUMNER
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Telecommunications Needed for National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Solicitation Number: NNC16562523Q
Posted Date: Oct 05, 2015
Point of Contact: Ingrid Pace
Phone:  216-433-2772
The Space Communication and Navigation Testbed project requires a ground-based DVB-S2 modem to support experiments with variable and adaptive coding and modulation, applied to spacecraft telemetry and science data. The initial use of the modem will be for signal bandwidths of 5 MHz, but wider bandwidths of 200 MHz are desired for the second phase of the experiment. Operationally, the DVB-S2 modem will be used in a receive-only mode, to receive data from a NASA-provided transmit waveform (space-side). A DVB-S2 test modulator capability for the DVB-S2 modem is desired for loop-backing testing and self-test purposes. The DVB-S2 modem receiver is required to provide the required signal information (MODCOD, Eb/No) to support adaptive coding and modulation. This information will be used by a NASA-provided ground system to send ACM commands to the spacecraft.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Needed for Defense Agencies

Solicitation Number: HQ0276-15-R-0004
Posted Date: August 28, 2015

Point of Contact:  Aegis Ashore Poland Competition Mailbox

The Poland Aegis Ashore Engineering Agent solicitation is hereby issued. With the exception of the documents posted to this website, unclassified solicitation documents are posted on the technical library (VIEWNet). Unclassified solicitation documents are available upon request to the Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. DoD Contractors only. Interested qualified sources shall submit a written request to access the documents to Offerors must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) Database prior to submission of a capability statement package in order to receive consideration. This may be accomplished electronically at

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