Lease or rental of facilities
531 — Real Estate/531120 — Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Mini-warehouses)
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Real Estate Needed

Solicitation Number: HSCG42-16-5MA275
Posted Date: Apr 05, 2016
Point of Contact:Jason Etters,
Phone: 609-677-2111

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: The work consists of providing temporary sleeping quarters from May 1st 2016 through October 1st 2016 for 6 personnel located at USCG MSD Lewes 802 Pilot Town Rd. Lewes DE, 19958

COMMENCEMENT, PROSECUTION, AND COMPLETION OF WORK: Upon acceptance the contractor shall commence work NLT five (5) days after notice to proceed and work diligently to complete the entire work ready for use by dates specified above.


1. Provide, deliver, and hook up temporary berthing facility, Williams Scotsman Canada 6 Person Sleeper/ Wash car or equivalent.
2. Ensure structure is secured at location.
3. Facility shall include sleeping quarters for six (6), minimum two (2) separate toilets, washrooms, and showers.
4. Provide potable water pressure booster pump/ head tank sufficient to flush toilets.
5. Facility shall include fire-smoke alarm/ detection system.
6. Bunk rooms shall be able to accommodate separate facilities for three (3) male and three (3) female occupants.
7. Facility shall be climate controlled for occupancy.
8. Electrical power, water, and waste disposal facility will be provided by government.
9. Existing electrical at site is 240v 2 phase 60 amp service.
10. Remove temporary facility and services at end of performance period.

Real Estate Needed

Solicitation Number: PTWILSONLTH
Posted Date: Feb 26, 2016
Point of Contact: Beverly Freitas,
Phone: 510-637-5529

Pursuant to the 1996 Programmatic Memorandum of Agreement regarding Outgranting of Historic Lighthouse Properties among the United States Coast Guard, (USCG), the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Offices, this light station is being made available for use under a no cost license to eligible entities defined as federal agencies, state and local agencies, non-profit corporations, educational agencies, or community development organizations, for preservation and public access.


The light station is located approximately 1 mile northeast of the City of Port Townsend, Washington and adjacent to the eastern boundary of Fort Worden State Park, a former military reservation.  The light station is surrounded on three sides by the waters of Admiralty Inlet where the Inlet intersects with the Straits of Juan de Fuca.


Real Estate Title Services needed for Army

Solicitation Number: W912WJ15Q0156
Response Date: June 9, 2015
Contact: Robert C. Garrahan
Tel: 9783188814
Place of Performance: 696 Virginia Road, less than br greater than Concord, MA, 01742
Requirement to provide the following real estate services: preliminary title commitment, consulting and title remediation, closing services and final title insurance policy for a property acquisition located in Taunton, MA.
Please see the attachment for more details: W912WJ15Q01560002

Real Estate Auctioneer needed for USDA

Solicitation Number: AG-5670-S-15-0001
Response Date: Apr 17, 2015 3:00 pm Central
Contact: Charles W Banks, Contract Specialist
Phone: 7852712706
Place of Performance: Wisconsin


The United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development (USDA RD) has a need to dispose of single family housing (SFH) real estate owned (REO) properties which were acquired from foreclosure sales. USDA RD has a backlog of properties for which it has been determined are no longer suitable to retain in our loan portfolio. 7 CFR 3550.251(a) and 7 CFR 3550.251(c)(6) provide the authority for Rural
Housing Service (RHS) representatives to publicize auctions. In addition, Rural Development Instruction HB-1-3550 (Paragraph 16.8) provides guidance for disposal of said properties using professional auctioneers.


The objective of this agreement is to retain Licensed Auctioneers in good standings under Wisconsin State Statutes with a Wisconsin Real Estate Broker License (herein called “Contractor”) to provide professional, efficient, and effective auctioneer services for the advertising, marketing, and auctioneering of USDA RD acquired real estate as assigned. Contract activities include pre-sale, sale, and post-sale auction services to reasonably ensure maximization of sale proceeds. Services are contracted on a case by case basis as needed and ordered by the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).


The Contractor shall:
a. Provide sales services using the auction method for properties in the State of Wisconsin assigned in accordance with the Performance Work Statement, terms and conditions.
b. Utilize professional skills, knowledge, and experience to the best advantage of both parties in preparing for and conducting auctions that are specified in written requests (call orders) from the COR. Preparation of pre-sale, sale, and post-sale plan to include property research and familiarization of any and all pertinent information needed to adequately answer public inquiries and conduct sale without legal complications. The orchestration of an auction is contingent upon the terms and conditions set forth herein.
c. Provide live as well as internet/online sale capability. The auction will be conducted at an agreed upon location. The Contractor shall provide all necessary services to conduct the sale within all appropriate regulatory, statutory, requirements, and ethical standards. Attached contract clauses and online representations and certifications also apply. USDA Rural Development retains the sole right to determine the properties to be assigned under the contract and may elect not to use auctioneer services for any properties during the term of this contract.
d. Conduct auctions in accordance with standards of the Certified Auctioneers Institute of American Auctioneers Association, or equivalent.
e. Avoid any unduly restrictive procedures or standards that tend to limit sales competition. All real estate auctions performed under the agreement will be open to qualified purchasers without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Attachment: AG-5670-S-15-0001Att