Site Repairs and Improvements at Statue of Liberty National Monument, Liberty Island
Site improvements in the Arrival Mall includes removal of approximately 8000 sf of damaged granite and replacing with new brick pavers and reinstalling approximately 4700 sf of existing pavers to complete the tie-ins. Site improvements at the Main Mall consist of installing 5300 square feet of new brick pavers & reinstalling 1900 square feet of existing pavers. At the tree panels, install 90 feet of granite curb, 11500 square feet of brick pavers & 4700 square feet of granite pavers, all with related sand and base. 560 feet of existing granite walls will be cleaned & kiosk reinstalled. Forty-six (46) new trees will be planted with new replacement soil and mulch. Over 900 lineal feet each of new tree and trench drains will be installed & connected to existing system. The project includes 1,650 LF of stainless steel fencing and mesh. Three sets of double leaf gates and drainage and utility work is also included in the work.





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