The Shoshone National Forest and Bighorn National Forests are advertising for interested contractors to provide proposals on a multiple award IDIQ contract for a base with four, one year options. The purpose of this solicitation is to secure professional services for data collection activities on Shoshone and Bighorn National Forest Lands. Data collection activities include; common stand examinations (Quick, Extensive, or Intensive Plot Protocol), Brown's transects and lynx cover board surveys. In addition, work may consist of recording Field Verified (FV) stand information as outlined in the section "Attributing Vegetation Polygons" of the R2 Supplement to the FSVEG Spatial User Guide. The PC program �VEGCOV' is required for entering this data. The program and the VEGCOV User Guide will be provided by the Government. Stand exam data shall be collected as outlined in Chapter 4 of the Common Stand Exam User Guide and region specific appendices, unless modified by the contents of this contract. ( Lynx cover board survey instructions are included with the solicitation. The Contractor will be required to submit collected data electronically to the Government. Data programs are windows compatible programs.
The shared ceiling price of this program is not to exceed $500,000.00 dollars over the five year period covered under the base with 4 one year options.


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