$5m- $10m Architect Engineering and Design contract needed for Military Academy

Solicitation Number: W912DS-15-AE-0001
Response Date: May 7, 2015
Contact: Loretta E. Parris, 917-790-8182
Email: loretta.e.parris@usace.army.mil
Place of Performance: USACE District, New York CENAN-CT, 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY, 10278-0090

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for Architect Engineer Services including but not limited to provide services for Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) planning and design with a design basis report, 30%, 60%. 90% and 100% final design submittals.

CONTRACT INFORMATION: This contract is being procured in accordance with Public Law 92-582, the Brooks Act as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6 and DFARS 236.6. The selection will be based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work. One (1) A-E firm will be selected based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work.

One (1) firm fixed basic contract will be negotiated and awarded. The contract length is estimated to not exceed five (5) years. The contract amount is within the range of $5,000,000 to $10,000,000. NAICS CODE is 541330. The Size Standard is $15,000,000.00. The Solicitation Number is W912DS-15-AE-0001. Proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be used. The contract is procured as an Unrestricted Full and Open Competition.

A firm fixed basic contract will be negotiated that includes level of efforts, labor rates for each discipline and overhead rates for the contract period that includes design, cost estimating, environmental, survey and geotechnical services.

This announcement is unrestricted and open to all businesses regardless of size. If a large business is selected, it must comply with FAR 52.219-9 regarding the requirement for a subcontracting plan on that part of the work it intends to subcontract. The plan is not required with this submittal, but will be required with the fee proposal of the firm selected for negotiations. The contracted A-E firm will be required to use the following subcontracting goals (percentage of work) in their subcontracting plan. The FY 15 target goals are SB 40%, SDB 3.0%, WOSB 7.0%, HubZone 1.0%, Veteran-owned small business 2.0%, and service disabled veteran-owned small business 3.0%.

To be eligible for contract award, a firm must have a DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and be registered in the Department of Defense (DoD) System for Award Management (SAM). If you were not previously registered, please go to https://www.sam.gov. Instructions for new registration are also located at the following link: https://www.sam.gov/sam/transcript/Quick_Guide_for_Contract_Registrations_v1.7.pdf. Contractors may obtain information on registration and annual confirmation requirements at http://www.sam.gov or by calling (866) 606-8220.


This project will provide services for Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) planning and design with a design basis report, 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% final design submittals. This project will replace the existing WWTP and will increase the capacity of the existing West Point WWTP from the current 2.06 million gallons per day (MGD) to 3.5 MGD (dry conditions)/7.0 MGD (wet conditions) gallons a day. The plant design shall meet the anticipated SPDES Permit effluent limitations. Primary facilities include primary, secondary and tertiary waste water treatment facilities, associated buildings, building information systems, fire protection and alarm systems, installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV), and Energy Monitoring and Control Systems (EMCS) connection. Sustainability/Energy measures will be provided. Supporting facilities include, site development, utilities and connections, lighting, paving, parking, walks, information systems, landscaping and signage. Heating will be provided by self-contained system. Measures in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Minimum Antiterrorism for Buildings standards will apply. Facilities will be designed to a minimum life of 50 years in accordance with DOD Unified Facilities Code (UFC 1-200-02) including energy efficiencies, building envelope and integrated building systems performance. The Military Reservation is a Net-Zero Energy pilot installation. The design may have provisions for the energy that is consumed in operating the WWTP to be partially offset by the use of alternative energy systems. Access for individuals with disabilities will be provided. All pumps, piping, containment vessels, process equipment, buildings and control systems necessary for this capacity will be included in this project design. This project may provide tertiary treatment to produce reclaimed water suitable for irrigating athletic fields. The project site is located in the northeast portion of West Point property and will be a redevelopment of the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant site. The increase in facility requirements to accommodate capacity increase, results in the need for additional site area. The site may be expanded to the west, requiring excavation and stabilization of the adjacent steep slope. Portions of the Directorate of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) fields that adjoin the northern boundary of the existing WWTP will be utilized temporarily during construction for construction laydown/staging and temporary wastewater treatment facilities to maintain service while the existing plant is demolished and the new facility constructed. The treatment of wastewater flow from West Point shall not be disrupted during this project, construction phasing plans to accommodate demolition and temporary wastewater treatment will be provided with the design. A VE study will be done concurrently with the concept (30%) design and will require designer participation. AE will be responsible for preparing re-permitting documentation for NYSDEC. AE will be responsible for evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Army regulation (AR 200-2). The selected AE will be required to provide design review services in Dr. Checks. The estimated construction cost of this project is in between $60,000,000 and $65,000,000. The design duration is approximately 330 calendar days from the issuance of the Notice to Proceed and must be complete by 1 May 2016 including 3 review periods.

The A-E services may include but are not limited to the following:

Site & Infrastructure/Seismic Design in accordance with the UFC’s.
Development of design criteria and basis of design.
Design work analysis
Technical specifications
NEPA documentation and coordination.
Historic Architecture and Section 106 consultation.
Preparation of Permit applications.
Preparation Final Design construction documents.
Antiterrorism/Force Protection Design in accordance with applicable UFC’s
Sustainable Design/LEED/NET Zero Strategy Development
Comprehensive Interior Design
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Cost estimating using the latest version MII [M2] software
Preparation of CADD. Deliverables in Building Information Modeling (BIM) format will be required.
Drawings shall be prepared in accordance with the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) Computer-aided standard version (CADD).

Construction phase services, including but not limited to:

Design during construction
Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals
Providing technical assistance – responding to requests for information (RFIs)
Shop Drawing Review – review of shop drawings and submittals
Conduct site visits
Commissioning/enhanced commissioning
Fit-up design support.
Project Start-up – coordinate with contractors to start up and conduct performance tests of the constructed project


The selection criteria for this contract are listed below in descending order of importance (first by major criterion and then by each sub-criterion).

The following a thru f criteria are considered primary criteria while the criterion g through h are secondary and will only be used as quote mark tie-breakers quote mark among firms that are essentially technically equal.

a. Specialized Experience and Technical Competence:

Demonstrated experience in planning and design of Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) between 1 and 5 MGD capacity.

Demonstrated experience with NYSDEC permitting process and ability for compliance with their NYS professional engineer requirements.

Demonstrated experience in design planning and scheduling management of fast track designs.

Demonstrated experience in working on military installation projects

Demonstrated experience in sustainable design using an integrated design approach and emphasizing environmental stewardship, with experience in energy and water conservation and efficiency; use of recovered and recycled materials; waste reduction; reduction or elimination of toxic and harmful substance in facilities construction and operation; efficiency in resource and material utilization; development of healthy, safe and productive work environments; and employing the LEED evaluation and certification methods.

Demonstrated ability to produce Cost estimates using MII.

The cost estimator and/or the subcontractor should demonstrate familiarity with the changing dynamics of the current construction market in the Tri-state New York Area with particular emphasis on the Mid-Hudson Valley Area of New York.

Demonstrated ability to produce drawings in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Revit.

Demonstrated ability to produce quality designs based on evaluation of a firm’s design quality management plan (DQMP). The evaluation will consider the management approach, coordination of disciplines and subcontractors, quality control procedures, and prior experience of the prime firm and any significant subcontractors on similar projects.

b. Demonstrate qualified personnel at a minimum in the following key disciplines:

Project Manager
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Instrumentation & Controls Engineer
Telecommunications Engineering
Fire Protection engineering (see requirements below)
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Wastewater Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Certified Industrial Hygienist
Quality Assurance Manager & all QA/QC Team Members
Geotechnical Engineering
Cost Estimating
Land Surveyor
Biologist (with EA preparation experience)
Permit Preparers
Accredited LEED specialist
Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Specialist (physical & electronic security)

The evaluations will consider education, training, registration, voluntary certificates, overall and relevant experience, and longevity with the firm.

Senior project personnel are required to be licensed and/or registered.

Additional disciplines may be submitted as required by the AE for this type/size project and will be evaluated as the above.

Fire Protection Engineering: The Services and Qualifications of Fire Protection Engineers are shown in Section 1.6 of UFC 3-600-01, and are reiterated here: A qualified fire protection engineer shall be an integral part of the design as it relates to fire protection. This includes, but is not limited to, building code analysis, life safety code analysis, design of automatic detection and suppression systems, water supply analysis, and a multi-discipline review of the entire project. For the purposes of meeting this requirement a qualified fire protection engineer is defined as an individual meeting one of the following conditions:

i.) A registered professional engineer (P.E.) having a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science Degree in Fire Protection Engineering, from an accredited university engineering program, plus a minimum of 5 years’ work experience in fire protection engineering.

ii.) A registered professional engineer (P.E.) who has passed the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveys (NCEE) fire protection engineering written examination.

iii.) A registered professional engineer (P.E.) in a related engineering discipline with a minimum of 5 years experience, dedicated to fire protection engineering that can be verified with documentation.

c. Past performance: Past performance on DoD and other contracts with respect to quality of work, cost control, and compliance with performance schedules, as determined by CPARS and other sources.

d. Capacity: The A-E’s are required to demonstrate how they will complete the design work by May 2016, given the employee capacity of the team. The evaluation will consider the availability of an adequate number of personnel in all key disciplines.

e. Locality: Knowledge of the locality and location of the firm or office within the general geographical area of U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY provided that application of this criterion leaves an appropriate number of qualified firms, given the nature and size of the project. Note: Firms are encouraged to submit from any geographical area.

Secondary Selection criteria:

f. Extent of participation of Small business, Veteran-owned small business, service-disabled small business, HUBZONE small business, small disadvantaged small business and woman-owned small business and minority institutions in the proposed contract team, measured as a percentage of the total estimated effort.

g. Geographic proximity to the United States Military Academy and specifically knowledge of construction in the locale.

h. Volume of work previously awarded to the firm by the Department of Defense, with the object of effecting an equitable distribution among qualified A/E firms, including small business, Veteran-owned small business, service-disabled small business, HUBZONE small business, small disadvantaged small business and woman-owned small business and minority institutions and firms that have not had prior DoD contracts.


Interested prime firms having the capabilities to perform these services must submit five (5) copies and one (1) CD copy in PDF format of a comprehensive SF 330 (06/2004 edition), which includes all sub-consultants information.The SF 330 can be found on the following GSAweb-site: http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/home.do?tabId=0 The forms can be downloaded in a .pdf file type. Each key office on the team should indicate DUNS # in Block 4 of Part II of the SF330. Include the prime firm’s CPARS number in Block H, SF 330. Total submittal page limitation is 75 pages. Section E is limited to 40 pages. Section F is limited to 10 pages. Supplemental information on the SF 330 is posted on the NY District USACE website: http://www.nan.usace.army.mil/BusinessWithUs/EngineeringDivision.aspx.
Submit the completed SF330’s to US Army Corps of Engineers, NY District, 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY, 10278, Room 2037. Attn: Mr. Stephen Dibari, CENAN EN M. 917-790-8384. Submittals will not be accepted after 5:00 pm on the original response date shown in the advertisement in the FedBizOps. If the original response date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal Holiday, the response date will moved to the next business day. Facsimile transmissions of the SF330 will not be accepted. For questions regarding this contract, contact at 917-790-8384 or e-mail: Stephen.Dibari@usace.army.mil. If a Pre-Selection meeting is required, notifications will not be sent after approval of the pre-selection. Notification of all firms will be made within ten (10) calendar days after selection approval. In addition to the two (2) items listed above, the remaining info on Release of information on firm selection shall be in accordance with UAI SUBPART 5.4 (USACE ACQUISITION INSTRUCTIONS).

Interviews (discussions) will be held with all the most highly qualified firms as required by FAR 36.602-3(c). All firms will be interviewed by the same method (telephone, video teleconference or in person). Firms will be given sufficient advance notice to allow representatives to participate in the interviews or presentations. All firms will be asked similar questions. The questions will be related to the announced selection criteria including but not limited to, their experience, capabilities, capacity, organization, management, quality control procedures and approach for this project.

The contract is anticipated to be awarded in June 2015 and final design completed by May 2016.


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